About NT&T

Our mission is to deliver best in class telecommunications solutions throughout Northern New England and unrivaled customer service 24/7 365 days per annum.

To Our Customers

For our customers we strive to deliver “best in class” products and services for a fair price; we promise to be open and honest and “do the right thing when no-ones watching”.

To Our Team

For our employees we provide the tools and training to do the job required of them. We provide consistent, year round full time employment and a safe working environment with paid vacation time and medical benefits.

To Our Suppliers

We are loyal to our suppliers and aim to develop open working relationships to benefit everyone in the supply channel. Consistency, availability of product and stable pricing benefits everyone, the opposite where parties benefit at the expense of others harms everyone.

To Our Community

Here at NT&T we are committed to supporting local businesses and respecting our neighbors. We are mindful of our impact on the environment and look to minimize waste and maximize our recycling efforts. Profits are the fuel that allow us to do great things where we live and work. Supporting our local non-profits and charitable organizations with time and resources is, and will continue to be, the core to our business philosophy.

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