Call Accounting

Staff costs account for over 70% of the costs of running a business. Being in control of productivity is critical to maintaining profitability. NT&T can help you do this by monitoring incoming, outgoing, transferred and conference calls making sure that the right staff are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

Real Time Status

Design and save your own real time templates (screens), which comprise status, statistics, graphical windows and a choice of over 300 key performance parameters which can be displayed using the scalable large character windows.

Comprehensive Reporting

Design and save individual historical reports and templates. Over 450 different items are available for presentation on the reports which cover events, traffic, utilization and contention.

Scheduled Reports

If you know what reports you need, when you need it and the format you require. All our products can schedule them to run and print and some can even email them to you to further save time.

Data Export

Export to most commercial spreadsheet packages such as Excel™. For a more detailed analysis inDepth™ Reporter is capable of exporting its call data in .csv format to applications which can handle csv such as Excel™.

Wallboards & Displays

Share the real time status and accumulated statistics with other staff members across the LAN

Call Costing

Concerned about the cost of calls or need to bill customers and tenants, NT&T’s call accounting solutions provide the ability to cost calls based on the type of call.

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